I have to say, the help I have received in setting up this site has been incredible! I have realized that although I thought I knew a bit about computers, I really know NOTHING! I have quickly learnt I know only the very basics. But I am learning. Slowly but surely! :)

I have to start out by saying that you so much to Tom Sinfield for helping to design and put together both the banner and the background layout! It looks simply fantastic! It has set the site up to look amazing! He made what I couldn't begin to do look like an easy job, but it meant so much to me.

Next up tonight, Jeremy Smith has been working with me to get a guestbook installed. You would think that this would have been an easy task? But if you thought that much you would be wrong. Boy have we encountered some challenges but when you persevere with something long enough and try to nut out all the details, eventually you get there and tonight with the help of his friend, Craig Van Beek, we worked out all the back coding and how to combine two sites into one to make it work! Honestly - To see what I wanted finally come into being, was an amazing feat. I didn't make it easy on the guys as I knew in my head what I wanted and what I was not prepared to compromise on... The biggest thing being adds splashed all over the site and links to other sites everywhere.... I just can not believe that I finally got everything I had my heart set on as well as not having to pay out a lot of money to get it - in fact I had to pay out NO money for it! GOD IS SOOOO GOOD!!

I feel so blessed, not only tonight but with the help from different people I am receiving and watching the website take shape and come together - all in Gods timing! I know that its taken a lot longer than I had wanted - I have been working on it for over 5 months now - But I believe that its all in the right time. God knew beforehand and he knows how it will pan out now. I have to say, I am still pretty nervous, stretched in new ways all the time, but I know when I know I am meant to do something, He will lead the way!

So many more people have offered and helped with editing, constructive criticism and spell check/grammar. It always helps for someone else to be able to come in and pick up things that you can easily overlook! Without the help of others helping with their expertise, I wouldn't be about to launch the website and it certainly wouldn't look anything like what it does right now.

I am simply blessed!

Everything will be updated on the blog, when people help out, donate, sponsor or come on board... Its a good way to give acknowledgement and thanks. Its sure couldn't happen without the support, so for that I am grateful!

Blessings, Kylee