Hey Guys! 

I wrote an entry about how I was invited to go and speak at a school yesterday for Spirit Sparkplugs and how all the kids then made awesome cards to send to our Spirit Sparkplugs kids on my caringbridge journal and I thought instead of re-writing it on here I would just copy and paste it over! It was such an awesome day! Enjoy the little update and photos will come later, so keep your eyes peeled! :)
Last week I was approached by a teacher at a local school (Lake Taupo Christian School) teaching a 10&11 year olds class to see if I would come in and talk about my accident and how through that Spirit Sparkplugs came about. They are studying a topic on overcoming adversity. Of course I said yes! Its the first time I have really actually stood up and spoke about Spirit Sparkplugs to a group (kids or adults) but it went really well. I showed the kids the pictures of some of our Spirit Sparkplugs kids from the website slide show and they all made cards and wrote in them directly to some of our kids, and I tell you what! They came up with some really neat and creative designs! I will take photos and post them to the website & FB page! The kids asked lots of questions about our Spirit Sparkplugs kids and I think seeing other kids photos their age really helped them to identify more. I really enjoyed it! The kids were gorgeous, many of them brought gold coin donations to go towards posting their letters and a couple of the kids also brought in some of the own crafts to donate to us (Spirit Sparkplugs)! Talk about melt your heart! I love kids!! 

So after school Mum picked me and we popped into town with my sister to pick up a diary I have been wanting. I want to start recording everything again, and rebuild another rehabilitation plan of my own, keeping a record of whats what etc. Anyhow, Whitcoulls (A New Zealand book store chain) had a MASSIVE sale of a lot of their kids type stuff - pencil cases, stationary, books, colour paper/books etc. I mean things that were up to $30 were marked at $1, $2 and $5! We got some AWESOME stuff for the kids at about 15 to 1. (ie: 15 good quality items for the original price of 1!) MINT BARGAINS! They are also going to get behind and support Spirit Sparkplugs too! Its soo cool! We are so grateful and big thank you's goes to Whitcoulls Taupo and the managers! THANK YOU!

Its exciting seeing new doors open. To reignite that passion, to get a glipmse of what life could be, what it might be like... The hope, that sometimes feels like it grows so thin, rekindled and set ablaze! I am more determined then ever, if that's possible, to fight back against what Drs have said and set out to prove them wrong! Number one goal on my list is WALKING!

To see people get behind Spirit Sparkplugs, to see the spark in their eyes, to see others get excited about it and their willingness to help. Its exciting! So exciting! 

Love, peace and blessings to you always, Kylee xox