Here is our latest thank yous post!! All of you are awesome! We so appreciate you!

Susan and Tara - Donations
Jan Todd - Donation
Kristina Tucker - Donation
Jaimee Falconer - Stickers
Ashley Keith - Donation of toy
Karen Peatt - packages
Karen Hobbs- encouragement books and packages
Kaylee Coovert - encouragement books and packages
Emma Gilmour - helping explore new fund-raising ideas

traders who have sent gifts to kids:
Jayhawk1117 - postage of surprise gift
nailz*by*me - postage of surprise gift

New Spirit Sparkplugs Partners:
Emma Gilmour

We also have some new people who are currently working on some special projects and in time I will announce their parts to play, but you will all have to wait and see for now! *wink wink*

Bless you all! Thank you for helping us to continue to bless and out reach to so many struggling kids and young adults! We are in the process of reworking some of the website, and opening new ideas as well, so we will keep you all in the loop and let you in and the changes are made public!!