I am sorry I have fallen behind in Thank You's. Not one thing has gone by unnoticed, and I am so very grateful  each of you for even the smallest of offers to help or donations. I have been away at appointments and had treatment for my RSD/CRPS which has had me 'out of action' for a week. I leave again in a few hours for three days for more appointments in another city but I didn't want to leave without updating, thanking and giving credit to each of the people who so very much deserve it! I will update and introduce you to all our new precious Spirit Sparkplugs Kids once I am back....

So here are HUGE and well deserved thank you's to the following people:

Susan and Tara McErlain - Donation
Jennifer Craine - Donation
Wendy Dancer - Donation of Cards
Colleen MdGeady - Donation of Cards

Carol Johnston - Donation of cards, embellishments and ribbon
Karen Hobbs - Donation of cards, embellishments and ribbon
Toni Crengle - Sent packages to application Kids
Karen Peatt - Sent a package to her SS Kids
Karen Hobbs - Sent a package to her SS Kid
Diane and Connie Cummings - Sent and sends cards to kids in need of a smile 
Jaimee Falconer - Sent a card to a child
Felicia Clark - Sent a card to a child

Thank you to the following people who have Partnered with Spirit Sparkplugs with our precious Spirit Sparkplugs Kids to send notes of support, blessing and encouragement to their websites: Andrea Drummond, Jaimee Falconer, Karen Hobbs x2, and Alice Russel. 

I have more work to do on the website. I will be adding a full question and info page for Spirit Sparkplugs Kids and how you can become involved and I will be writing up some format letters. It has been full on I haven't yet had time but that will be high on the list of 'things to do' once I am settled back into home at the end of the week.

HAVE A FABULOUS WEEK! Thank you for partnering with me to see Spirit Sparkplugs touch, reach an support more precious kids, teens and adults! You guys rock!

Remember: "All we need is a sprinkling of hope" (Kylee Quote)