Hey there!

We have more Spirit Sparkplugs Kids I would like to introduce you to! We now have another two kids taking us to 7 official Spirit Sparkplugs kids! I would like to introduce you to another two today!

The first one is Zachary Szilagyi  http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/zacharyszilagyi. Zach is a young boy with Mitochondrial disease, please go over to his website and leave him a message.... His Mom is the amazing person behind "My Button Buddies" (which is also on our links page) which are cloth pads to go underneath G-Tubes in place of medical gauze, as seen in Zachs picture... Here is his precious photo...

The next child I would like to introduce you to is Colbie Roberts. Colbie is 10 years old and also suffers a mitochondrial disease... Her Mom also suffers multiple different medical issues. Visit Colbie at www.caringbridge.org/colbie