So I just had to post --- GUESS WHAT??

My parents have gifted Spirit Sparkplugs its OWN ROOM! We have a room in the garage that they were using for storage after my brother moved out... Its a small room and it will be perfect! Previously I had been using my own room, and it was really starting to take over, I was living and breathing Spirit Sparkplugs 24/7. You should see ALL the stuff that I had managed to pack into every crevice of my room! WOW! Even I was blown away at all I have been able to fit into my room over the past year since I started working and collecting for Spirit Sparkplugs! VERY COOL! The reality is, it had overtaken my room and I had boxes stacking up containing everything! My room was a mess, but it was with all with the craft stuff! I was so blown away when my parents came back with that solution! You should see my room - it now looks EMPTY (and so clean at last! haha)... Last week Mum and I cleared everything to do with Spirit Sparkplugs and trademe (like ebay, to help raise some extra money) out of my bedroom... I will attach the photo below! You will laugh! hehe.... Its good though, it gives me work space and it gives me my bedroom for relaxation. It separates the two, which I think is healthy! I can put better more constructed time into Spirit Sparkplugs, it also opens the door for different groups, and friends to come in and help make crafts for Spirit Sparkplugs - which is perfect really! Spirit Sparkplugs continues to grow and develop! Its such a neat process to watch unfold!

So all the boxes and such are downstairs in the new room waiting to be sorted out! Tomorrow I will get to work with the help of one of my parents and start to organise everything... Sort out what storage containers I am going to need and what will be the best way to work everything out! I think its going to be awesome! I cant wait to have everything nice and sorted out!! I will share with you all the steps as we go and try to post some photos....

There are some more exciting developments for Spirit Sparkplugs on the way to, but they will have to wait for another day! hehe.... Well, here is the picture of all the stuff I have managed to fit into my room over the last year! What a laugh! I was quite impressed indeed! haha! Enjoy!

Love Kylee xx

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