*Well, I had just finished writing this entry. Went to post it and what do you know - POOF! Gone! So I will attempt this again and hope that I do it just as much justice as I did the first time! *

I wanted to write and give SPECIAL THANKS to two very special schools who have donated & supported Spirit Sparkplugs. The first one is Mairangi Bay School on the North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand, and the second school is Suzette Ispen and her class from Room 4, Maeroa Intermediate (kids age 10-14) just out of Hamilton, New Zealand. 

Pam Watson, from Mairangi Bay School set up a donation box which different people filled with a range of items from jewellery to crafts, crafting materials to small toys and gifts, photo paper, small wishing stones, embellishments, paper, ohh just so many different things all to be included in packages! What a huge blessing it was! All those things will be (and many have been) included in packages being sent out to kids (and their parents). The necklaces and jewellery that was included is simply gorgeous! I think the one thing of all things that touched me the most was a small child's beloved sticker book filled with special loved stickers that was donated. How could that not move you? The heart of a child is a powerful thing! There were so many things in that box though! How does one begin to say thank you? I am sorry I do not have a photo. This was one of the first collective boxes I received and I unpacked everything before I decided from here on out I will take photos to send with thank yous! I know how much photos mean to me, so its the least I could do from this point on when people give to Spirit Sparkplugs! THANK YOU MAIRANGI BAY SCHOOL!!!!!!

The next amazing school I want to thank is all those amazing kids from Maeroa Intermediate, Room 4! When the kids saw the Good Sorts segment on TVNZ One News they decided collectively that they wanted to do something to help and contribute! So they along with their teacher, Suzette Ipsen, handmade cards for Spirit Sparkplugs! Now, let me tell you, these kids are T-A-L-E-N-T-E-D! I was amazed at the work these children produced! The cards are beautiful and will all come into use very well! I had each child write their name, age, and school on the back of the card, and I am so glad I did because it makes them all just that much more precious and when they are sent to their recipients, they will be able to see also where the card came from. These kids have hearts of gold! Thank you to all of you from Room 4, Maeroa Intermediate! You all did a superb job! THANK YOU!!!

Here is me with a picture with the cards that the kids did... Aren't they just awesome??

Thank you for getting involved, for supporting Spirit Sparkplugs and getting your schools involved. For the box of collectively donated items and for the cards made by all the kids! Every bit helps me to continue to send out packages to kids and adults battling chronic and acute illnesses needing a lift and a pick me up, to help remind them they are not alone and have others who are thinking of them and believing for them! Together we can all make a difference!

Love Kylee xxx