Guess what?
We have our VERY FIRST Spirit Sparkplugs child!
This special beautiful girl is KATIE TRAGER! A very special girl indeed! 
I have partnered her up with Deanna Wiley who offered to take on to support, encourage and pray for a Spirit Sparkplugs child! Katie holds a special place in my heart as do so many of the children out there fighting! She's so brave!

If any of you would like to take on a child to become an "SS partner" or if you would like your child to become an "SS child" to receive support, prayers, guestbook messages and/or cards of support please contact me by email or through the application page for the "kids form". Any child or teen battling chronic/acute illnesses can enrol to be matched up with a support person to encourage, pray for or send notes of support! So very awesome!!

We have a few other "SS partners" who are ready to take on and support a child! If you would like this for your child, or this sounds like something you would be keen to be a part of let me know! I look forward to hearing from you! :)

Bless you guys! Love Kylee xx