Hey Guys! On the 27th of Decemeber we had out first Spirit Sparkplugs Fund-raiser to raise money to send out over 60+ cards and this round of packages! We had a pancakes breakfast with bacon, grilled banana, strawberries, passion fruit syrup, home grown lemons, home made vanilla sugar, crepes, pancakes, grilled bacon, and fresh coffee and juice, it was a great feast! Everyone really enjoyed the morning, it was gorgeous weather outside and we all sat out by the pool enjoying good company with each other! We had 9 people turn up and it was a blast! We picked a busy weekend, so many people already had plans or events they needed to be at, but it was a great start! 

Thank you to the following people who came and enjoyed an awesome morning with us:

Lee and Dean Tindle
Gemma and James Stevens
Jenna Haines
Nicola Wiggins
Catherine Matlock
John and Dianne Black
and Jeremy Smith who came early to helped cook/clean to ensure a successful morning!

Also BIG thanks goes to the following people, who although unable to come donated anyway!

Karen Peatt
Alicia Kant
Harry Sabharwal (and friend)

Because of the donations, and many of you gave more than the $12 that was set for the morning, we were able to send out all 60+ Spirit Sparkplugs Christmas Cards and this round of packages! How exciting is that? Over 60 kids, partners, and supporters who were all able to receive Christmas cards this year! Thank you again for all your incredible support! Exciting times are ahead! This is just the beginning and we have some awesome things planned for next year!