I have some exciting news to tell you!!

Spirit Sparkplugs now has an official Westpac New Zealand Bank account - You can check it out on the "How You Can Help" page! Its so awesome! So exciting! For some reason it makes this whole process more real, and more incredible! Its neat!!

I want to let you all know that I was filmed for TVNZ Good Sorts show that screens on a Sunday on the channel One news last week! The segment will air THIS SUNDAY at 6pm! I will be able to share the link once it has been uploaded online an hour after it airs which will make it about 7pm NZ time! Very exciting! 

We now have FIVE official "Spirit Sparkplugs Kids" and more partners waiting to be partnered with kids! Some Partners are using the Spirit Sparkplugs sign off for other guestbook messages, this is fine as long as you make contact with me, get some guidelines and are a Partner with Spirit Sparkplugs!

Spirit Sparkplugs has now been to 15 countries, added to that from last week was Spain and Israel! Neat huh? Last week Spirit Sparkplugs had visited 10 States in the USA! This week you wouldn't believe it, Spirit Sparkplugs has now visited 41 States in the USA! That's a huge jump isn't it? Its very exciting seeing it grow and expand! Good things to come!

Its so exciting to see how everything is coming together!

Many Blessings, Kylee