Hey there guys!

This is a long and overdue thank yous post! Its hasn't been an easy few months, so we push forward and keep taking it one step at a time, so this is why there has been such a lapse in time and with more people on board now (more on that another post) it should be easier to keep things up to date. With that said, I want to thank the following people....

Debbie Butler - cards.
Deanna Azbell - cards.
Christa Whightsel - cards.
Karen Hobbs - help with creating forms, cards, crafts, packages and ideas.
Sue Dodge - crafts and supplies.
Donations from people through Krazy Krafters. Anon.
Dianne and John Black - postage.
Felicia Clark - packages.
Toni Crengle - packages.
Tracey Dahm - books.
David Craigie - donation
Susan and Tara Erlain - Donation
Kaylee Coovert - forms and checking.

Two special thanks updates will be made to two very special schools. They will receive their own post, so keep your eyes posted! Its sooo exciting to see some schools and organisations getting involved!

Thank you to the following people who have joined as Spirit Sparkplugs Partners and come on board: Jan Jamieson, Kaylee Coovert, Holly Oliver, Rachel Hewitt, Kay Burrows and Alice Russel.