Just before Christmas we put out a call to anyone who would be able to bless a young 22 year old battling RSD in hospital with some letters and cards. She had been in hospital for months in and out and was feeling quite dishertened. Shes only young but has found herself in a nursing home when not in hospital as she is unable to use her hands or walk. Shes an awesome girl who has had a rough run. Well we had a GREAT response as, with the girls permission, I shared her address with some people who were quick to put their hands up to write some supportive, encouraging messages snail mail...

Although this list does not recognise everyone who sent and wrote letters,as many people took the request and shared it with their  friends to write also, it does account for those I was aware of... From this one "letter bomb", and the response we received we have now opened the letter writing as an option anyone can chose from and we now have a list of letter writers who are committed to writing to one off letters to applicants. How awesome! 

Below I would like to thank the following who sent letters and for those who from this list have signed up to continue sending letters to our applicants....

Lucy Smith
Diane and Connie Cummings
Candis and Katie Traegar
Amber Wiseman
Benji Fellows
Carol Johnston
Debbie Mills 
Terry, John and Brittany Cooke
Karen Peatt
Carol Johnston
Karen Hobbs
Maria Spratford
Laurie Murdoch
Jaimee Falconer
Amy Brown 
Jill Brouwer