There are so many precious kids who have joined Spirit Sparkplugs Kids lately, I wanted to introduce them to you all as well as their website addresses. If you would like to visit their pages, I know they would love to hear from you. They are all battling a range of debilitating illness which they must fight against every day of their lives... I know what its like to have to fight and its not easy or fun, so I can not imagine what its like to have to fight every day when you are just a child. These kids all fight with bravery and such strength, they all deserve awards! Please keep them all in your prayers. This will be the biggest introduction of Kids to date in one update. I will try and keep it to every two to three kids from here on out, but with everything going on in my personal world lately it just hasn't been possible.... Beautiful Children! I am so proud of them all!

Charlotte Johns. 
Charly, as she is known, has been fighting high risk stage 3 (reclassified stage M) Neuroblastoma since December '09. She has overcome every obstacle shes come up against, she is still smiling despite it all.... 

Rebekah Reynolds  
Bekah, as she is known, have a bone marrow failure called severe Aplastic Anemia and spent 6 months in and out of hospital before undergoing a bone marrow transplant. Bakah has since encountered obstacle after obstacle like you wouldn't believe, after transplant she has battled the high blood pressures, viruses, had massive internal bleeding, and lost the use of her kidneys. She has been on dialysis for months now along with more surgeries. Just last week Bekah, due to the high blood pressure, experienced a stroke and her lungs took a hit too, just this morning she was diagnosed with pneumonia.... She is an incredible girl who has a long way to go but who does so with courage... Please keep her in your prayers, her family as you can imagine are devastated with the news as she was just about to start school...

America Garcia 
America is a 3 year old girl battling ALL Leukaemia. She has only been given a 30% chance of survival. Americas Mom is only 21 years old with an 18 month as well... So much for one so young. Please keep them both in your prayers. We believe in miracles and are believing that miracle for sweet America! She's such a precious girl! 

Samantha Schlemme
Sami, as she is well known is an amazing little girl who has battles an unknown metabolic disease that has her often hit crisis point. She requires many measures to help her function in life but she doesn't let any of these things stop her. She tackles life with passion, joy and sass. She has huge courage despite her illnesses and requires your prayers as she starts more intense testing... 

Delaney Lower 
Delaney has been diagnosed with multiple medical conditions but you only have to see her sweet smile to see her beautiful spirit... Delaney is new to Spirit Sparkplugs Kids and I look forward to getting to know her more....

Peyton Kathryn
Peytons page is private, but that doesn't mean you cant pray for her! Peyton and Delaney and close and special friends, so to have them both as Spirit Sparkplugs kids is a very special thing... Peyton has had to overcome many challenges in her life, but look at that precious smile, how could you not fall in love with her??

Brianna Chase
Brianna is battling ALL leukaemia but does so with courage and strength. It hasn't been an easy road for her, but cancer never is, visit her page and leave her some encouragement, she has come a long way, but still has a long way to go!

Eric Clement
Eric is battling mitochondrial disease, he has multiple diagnosis's and is stronger than most adults... Visit his site to read and learn what its like for him to live every day battling against such horrible disease! He is an amazing little kid!

Breylon Senn 
Breylon is also fighting mitochondrial disease. This disease is so rough on kids, he too is so brave and strong in all he endures... Please visit his site, and let him know you passed by.... These kids all deserve medals!

Adam Walters
Adam is another amazing kid battling this horrible mitochondrial disease.... Keep him in your prayers! So brave!

Thank you for keeping all these incredible kids in prayers... Thank you for partnering with them to bring them encouragement, support, hope, and remind them they are not battling alone! They are all such brave kiddies!!