Its about time I do some shout outs and thank you's!

I also want to let you in on some exciting new and coming up events! So after a long awaited update here goes.....

First I want to tell you about some of the amazing things we have coming up and in store! 

Good Sorts which is a New Zealand TV segment in the Friday TVNZ news will be filming me this Saturday morning for one of their segments! I am so excited! I was nominated by a few people for participation! I had no knowledge until Hayden Jones emailed me about a week back! I have to say, I was blown away but also so excited! What a WONDERFUL opportunity and way to promote Spirit Sparkplugs and get it out there! So awesome! I cat wait! It will be a bright ad early start of 7.30am! Check out their website to learn more about the show! Once it has aired I will post the link so you can all watch it as well!! WAHOOO!

To visit us on twitter please go to I would LOVE to see you there! Join up to "follow" us and get all the updates and news as it comes! Please pass on our twitter and help spread the news!! Remember to keep #SpiritSparkplugs as one word when tweeting on twitter!

To visit us on facebook search "Spirit Sparkplugs" on facebook or visit "HERE" ... Invite friends to join and help us build up a fan base! I can not wait to start seeing "Spirit Sparkplugs" EXPLODE as we spread word!!

Thank you, appreciation and gratitude and such valuable things to hold onto, remember and act on... With that said, the followings are for the most recent thank you's. I never want to miss a single person out. The people below are helping to continue to make Spirit Sparkplugs a happening thing, as are all of you who visit, support and follow us! Below are some of the names from people who have contributed to the work of Spirit Sparkplugs. Thank you so much!

Tom Sinfield: Graphics for the background on our amazing twitter page, graphics and design for the new business cards!
Jeremy Smith: Photos, teaching me back coding and helping me out of technical difficulties I encounter.
Tracey Dahm: Will now be helping with cards, and making the "Encouragement Books"!
Dushyant Gupta: Help with setting up twitter, spreading word and management ideas.
Janis Weems: Donations to make four care packages to be sent.
Diane and Connie Cummings: Sending out cards from the States, financial donation for care package to be sent.
Wendy Dancer: Donations of an amazing set of handmade cards to be sent out.
Joanne Griffiths: For nominating me for Good Sorts! (the other Good Sorts nomination was hidden)
Liz Schonknecht: Editing and ideas.
Felicia Clark: Editing, wording and ideas.

TO ALL OF YOU THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! There are many more of you here that are not listed. You are not forgotten. Every one of you is important to me and without all of you I couldn't do what I am doing! Every one of you who is a facebook and/or twitter fan of Spirit Sparkplugs make a difference and all of you who read and pass on the site!

This is just the beginning and I am so excited to see where things lead! I have many hopes, awesome ideas!

Much love and many blessings, Kylee