Hey Guys!

I wanted to post some exciting statistics I checked up on earlier today! How cool! Here is some coo stats for you:

 We have had 4824 visits to the Spirit Sparkplugs website since we launched it on May 15th 2010! Thats nearly 690 visits  month from all over the world! Of those visits they have come from 35 different countries!! Spirit Sparkplugs has literally travelled the world!! It has been to 48 of the 50 States in the USA!! Isn't that mind blowing? I sure am humbled and quite blown away really! This wee little site here, has travelled all over the world in a matter of months! God is good!

And in order of greatest hits to least, here are the countries as listed we have been to below cities listed (not number of hits): New Zealand (29 cities/towns), USA (50 States, see below), Australia, (13 cities), United Kingdom (44 cities), South Africa (5 cities), Germany (6 cities), Japan (4 cities), Puerto Rico (3 cities), India (5 cities), Netherlands ( 5 cities), Mexico (3 cities), Brazil (1 city), Ireland (3 cities), British Virgin Islands (1 city), Poland (3 cities), Austria (1 city), Switzerland (1 city), Israel (2 cities), Finland (2 cities), and the rest are one cities: Pakistan, Haiti, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Norway, Argentina, Singapore, Afghanistan, Ecuador, France, Philippines, Vietnam, and one is showing as undisclosed on the reports!!  WOW!

The only two States in the USA we have NOT been to are Wyoming and Vermont!! WOW! 50 of the 52 States and over 500 cities throughout the USA in that count of 50 States!!

All that from one little website with no advertising, no actual funding and no big representatives! Its hard to wrap my head around! Thanks and kudos go to all of you who help make Spirit Sparkplugs what it is, who help spread the word, refer friends, donate, support or are involved in other ways! Thank you!

We have sent over 200 packages and encouragement books in the past year to countries all over the world and we sent over 80 Christmas cards to 8 countries! Its sure been an awesome year! I cant wait to see what next year brings as we continue to establish Spirit Sparkplugs!! Exciting time are ahead, for this I know is true!! We walk it one step at a time but its exciting to look back and see all thats gone before! I am left in awe and amazement!

May this next year be a good one, not only for Spirit Sparkplugs, but in your own life as well!

Blessings always!