Exciting times today! We have finally chosen the background layout and I have to say I just LOVE it! I think it perfect and cant wait to see it up and all put together. Things are coming together and moving ahead. Regardless of even having the site launched applications are still coming in and word is getting out! How cool is that! I know that it is all coming together in the right way. Its taken a little longer than anticipated but that hasnt stopped us getting books out anyways. Its pretty awesome! I know we are inching closer and closer to launching - its an exciting feeling! Wahooo!! Now my next goal is to remember to take photos with my next set I make... hehe.... God is good!

Ohh can you believe it!! We have been GIFTED crafting materials to continue making awesome books, cards, notes, and so forth from some generous donators who have supported us with embellishments, stickers and card. I feel so grateful and soo blessed. There are some amazing people in this world and I can PROMISE that those materials will be put to good use and used to encourage and bless others.. None of those products will be wasted!!

I dont know what to say. Except a HUGE and MASSIVE thank you! We could NOT do it without you!!