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Countries and States visited! How cool!

Posted by Kylee Black on Tuesday, December 28, 2010, In : Excited 
Hey Guys!

I wanted to post some exciting statistics I checked up on earlier today! How cool! Here is some coo stats for you:

 We have had 4824 visits to the Spirit Sparkplugs website since we launched it on May 15th 2010! Thats nearly 690 visits  month from all over the world! Of those visits they have come from 35 different countries!! Spirit Sparkplugs has literally travelled the world!! It has been to 48 of the 50 States in the USA!! Isn't that mind blowing? I sure am humbled and quite blown...

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Posted by Kylee Black on Wednesday, December 1, 2010, In : Events 
Hey Guys! On the 27th of Decemeber we had out first Spirit Sparkplugs Fund-raiser to raise money to send out over 60+ cards and this round of packages! We had a pancakes breakfast with bacon, grilled banana, strawberries, passion fruit syrup, home grown lemons, home made vanilla sugar, crepes, pancakes, grilled bacon, and fresh coffee and juice, it was a great feast! Everyone really enjoyed the morning, it was gorgeous weather outside and we all sat out by the pool enjoying good company with ...
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Thank Yous!

Posted by Kylee Black on Wednesday, December 1, 2010, In : Thank you's 
Its been a while since I have updated the thank you's blog again... But many thanks with a grateful heart goes to the following people for their contributions and support in helping make Spirit Sparkplugs what it is:

Carol Johnston - Making and donating 60 Christmas cards
Nikki Head -  Stickers and embellishments
Anne Thorne - Made ponchos to sell on trademe to raise money for Spirit Sparkplugs
Jo McHaffie - Brought and donated 12 pieces of fancy Scrapbook paper for the Encouragement Books.
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Special thanks to Alicia's youth Group!

Posted by Kylee Black on Wednesday, December 1, 2010, In : Thank you's 
In October we had a special group of young girls aged 14/15 come to the house to do some crafts to benefit Spirit Sparkplugs from Alicia's youth group. The girls made cards, and wrote encouragement pages to send out to our kids who are battling so courageously! They did a fantastic job and made some beautiful work! 

Special thanks to:

Alicia Kant
Jessica Parker
Lizzy Short
Anna Barhorst
Annie Rose Dredge
Amy Robertson
Alex Jones and
Krista, Barnett-Ballard

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A bit about this blog...

By Kylee This blog has been designed to update news about Spirit Sparkplugs. What is happeneing, will happen & has happened. This blog is used to thank and honour all those who have sponsored, donated or helped keep Spirit Sparkplugs going. Those are the people that keep Spirit Sparkplugs ALIVE! So check back often! Please visit either the HISTORY tab or to learn more about me or my own journey...
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