I wanted to take time to thank and acknowledge Carol Johnston! 


Carol spent and spends a lot of time making cards for Spirit Sparkplugs which she posts up to be included in parcels and packages.. Carol was the one behind hand making 70 of the Christmas cards that were sent out this past Christmas! So much work for one person, but she came to us asking if she could hand make all the Christmas cards to be sent out from Spirit Sparkplugs! I know we have had a lot of feedback, she did an awesome job!!


Carol has sent up embellishments, stickers and cut outs to be used in crafts, included in packages and made by others. So we just wanted to say thank you, and also introduce you to another one of our behind the scenes hard workers!


A number of people have hand made, and donated or sent cards, from themselves as a Partner, or as one offs! And we do appreciate ALL of you who help input to Spirit Sparkplugs so we can keep sending things out!!


Carol Johnston.