Hey Guys!


So by the time we get this next set of boxes/books out we will have sent 84 packages & encouragement books out this year (starting December) to 6 different countries! Bring it on! We are hoping to top our 200 count from last year!


I dont usually do plugs too often but I love to keep everyone up to date on where we are at and whats happening behind the scenes. We love sharing the photos with you all and I (Kylee) worked out today as I have been sorting out a lot of the paper work that there are over 100 solid hours a week going into Spirit Sparkplugs work between the 4 of us! Im also currently working on updating the website, and slowly upgrading it a little. It takes time but we are getting there.


We would love your help in continuing to support, bless and encourage those battling chronic and acute illnesses who come across our path. If you are interested in helping in any way (below are some ideas) please contact Kylee Black to the left of the screen or leave a message below and we can contact you!


How can you help? Create and donate a craft you like to do, cards, kids (new) toys, sweets, lollies or candy to be included in packages, jewlellery, books, CDs, use your imagination! It certainly doesnt have to be anything expensive. Anything that could go in a package. If you were struggling with illnesses and were getting a package what would you like to recieve in it? Knitting, cross stitch, little poems. Kids paintings or pictures if you have kids, little toys or clothes... Nothing ever goes to waste. Nothing is too big or small.


Postage costs are a BIG one to contend with. Most packages average between $30NZ and $50NZ  each! Out of the 84 packages and books that have been sent out 60 of those are packages! We have no sponsorship or funding its all done through donations, or support. Every little bit counts and we are so very grateful!


If you would like to help, or get involved but are stuck for ideas, we have a range of different options on the website so check out: http://www.spiritsparkplugs.com/sponser-a-project.php


If you would like to donate, we have a bank account number for NZers or paypal if you are overseas.

To donate any amount visit: http://www.spiritsparkplugs.com/donate.php


There is a new blog post up on the website about the school visit yesterday and Whitcoulls! 

To check it out please visit here: http://www.spiritsparkplugs.com/update-news.php


Anyone who helps in ANY way is acknowledged and thanked on the website via a blog post. We so value you all. We could never do this without you. Without our supporters, cheerer's or fans! You guys rock!


Many Blessings, Kylee Black

Founder of Spirit Sparkplugs.