Can I just say WOW! So many people have jumped on board to help me get things ready to go! It really is quite exciting! The banner is looking AMAZING and someone is helping me with the photos and back coding too! Its neat to watch it all coming together...  So far to date, I have done well over 70 hours+ work on this site... Its been a whole new learning experience! I can not say I had done a lot of this type of computer work before starting this site... Thrown in the deep end to sink or swim I think I am learning to swim... I have gone out to seek advice at some points and have worked other bits  on my own through trial and error, I have had others come in to help with constructive criticism and just help me to gather other ideas! Its been good! A great way to learn and to also stretch my mind and faith too!! hehe!

I have to say, I am feeling very proud (in the most humble way) of how its looking... I had no idea what would really be involved but its taken me on an incredible journey and I can not wait to see the journey I am taken on once we officially launch! I am thinking of doing something to help celebrate the launch online, but haven't decided quite what I would like to do... Tomorrow starts the seven day countdown! I still have SOOOO much work to do its going to be a very busy week... But I like busy... I might still be house bound and 80% back bound, but trust me... I can still stay very busy and very much do (could ALWAYS be more house in a day huh?! LOL!)... But what would be the point if I just gave in and wasted my time.. How very sad that would be! I am working hard towards my goals and I know one day soon (I pray), I will be walking again too, but for now I will do what I can and this is something I CAN do!! (while also pushing my physical rehab!!) Of course i will continue doing this once I am up and moving and living life as well.. No doubt about that!

Exciting times ahead I say! I am looking forward to getting others on board with me too!!  Yee-ha!!

Alright! Love to all, Kylee