Today we "go live"! Can I hear excited or what?!!?

This day has been a long time coming... I have put in over thrity hours in the last four days ironing out all those little "bugs" and working with some awesome computer skilled friends to get everything  looking as good as it can (excuse the missing photos and guestbook issues we are still working on them). All those little 'behind the scenes' things you wouldn't really think about and all the finishing touches take a lot of time. Even little things like getting the butterfly icon loaded in all versions of browsers took well over six hours combined with others at different times. Haha. But it has been so totally worth it!! I sure could not have done it without the help of Tom Sinfield, Jeremy Smith and Craig van Beek though! They have all worked huge hours with me.... Helped me learn and get my head around things, and gone of hunting for the solution when they didn't know the answer either... Very lucky indeed!
Its less than three hours til I open the site up and to tell you the truth its been an incredible journey, one I know is only starting! So...... I hope you are all just as excited as I am and I am REALLY looking forward to reading the feedback and hoping to see others jump on board with me! Wohoo!
Well I better get back to it and finish up the other bits and pieces in the few hours before I release the web address!! I have been so looking forward to this - Its good to see how well it has come together! Bless you all, Kylee