We would love people to partner with us to help keep Spirit Sparkplugs up and running. You have a place and you matter! Listed below are a number of different ways to get involved and partner with us to help kids! Everyone who helps or participates with Spirit Sparkplugs will be acknowledged and thanked in the Spirit Sparkplugs Thank You Blog

1. Donate. Funds can be hard to come by and without donations or support we can not send out packages and books, if you would like to donate, we would be very grateful and you can do that via the donations page above or click HERE

2. Sponsor a project. You can sponsor a package, encouragement book, or letter to be sent to a child. By doing so, at your request we will provide you with some basic info about the child your package went to. There is a list of packages and a price list for the different projects that are sent out HERE on the donations page. Thank you so very much!

3. Fundraise. The limit is your imagination! Any help is appreciated. Spirit Sparkplugs is run off personal funds and kind donations. Your help will enable us to continue to send out the many packages, letters, and projects that are requested! 

Of course, not all help needs to be financial, and we recognise many are not in a place to be able to donate or give funds, so below are a list of other ways to participate with Spirit Sparkplugs and get involved! Please contact us for any extra information!


Help with the projects themselves.

We would love your help with the projects themselves! Are you are good at crafts? Writing? Building? Would you like to make something to go in the packages? You will have full credit to your item. Do you have contacts to people who could help us? We would LOVE your input and/or time! Even recommending people to the website, Facebook or Twitter is gratefully appreciated! 


Become a Spirit Sparkplugs Partner.

I am looking for people who want to give up a small part of their time to partner with an ill child or teen/young adult. To commit to support that child via messages of encouragement and support on their website's guestbook. To read their updates and leave a message at least once a week (or when they update if less than that), write to them occasionally (if applicable), just help remind them that they are not alone, and that there is someone is sending them wishes, blessings, kindness. I know how much these families appreciate the support in what can be a very dark journey for them. If this sounds like you, and to learn more please visit the "Spirit Sparkplugs Kids/Partners page" and/or contact us via EMAIL.

Letter Writing.

For anyone who loves to write and post letters, cards or postcards the old snail mail way, and would love to bring a smile to a child's face for the price of a stamp, this is a great option! When a child applies to have letters sent to them, we will send their address with a little bio and their website link (if applicable) to you so you can learn a little about them before posting a card. You are not required to write every time a card request comes through, but by signing up to be a letter writer you have the option. If you are interested in learning more, or would like to sign up to be a letter writer EMAIL US HERE

Card Donations

Spirit Sparkplugs is always in need of cards, either handmade or brought. Every parcel, and project sent out has a card included. So far the projects and packages sent out totals over 200+ so cards are always in need. If you would like to make cards to be included in parcels or have cards you no longer use, Spirit Sparkplugs is happy to give you credit for the card with your name printed on the back. You could make it more fun and host a card making day, or save up old cards to create new ones. The ideas and possibilities are endless. Spirit Sparkplugs will put any donated cards to use, to be included with sent items.

Help with a Flat Kiwi Adventures Project!

"Flat Kiwi Adventures", is a project we run for kids who are home bound, bed bound or in hospital often. They create a flat version of themselves to pop in an envelope and send overseas on holiday. You take their flat version on holiday and take photos with the flat paper doll out doing different activities, then send the photos on to our scrapbookers.They will turn the photos into a story book. A favourite treat, their book and doll are posted home for the child to keep and look back on. Part of the project involves their "flat version" sending a couple of emails home to the child while on holiday, telling of what they have been doing. You would be requested to do this as part of the project. To read more about it, CLICK HERE, and then email us at Spirit Sparkplugs to sign up to be a host! We will give you all the info you need beforehand!

Link one of our banners to your website.

Help us raise awareness and support for Spirit Sparkplugs. Let other kids in need know we are here by linking our banner below.


1. Pick which banner you would like to link on your website.

2. Right click the banner "save image as" to save to your computer.

3. Link banner on your website to 

If you have any queries or problems with this please email Jeremy Smith HERE with the subject "Help - Spirit Sparkplugs". 

He will guide you and take you through it step by step, depending on your website host. 

Thank you for your help and support in making Spirit Sparkplugs a success, you play an integral part and we thank you for that!

Blessings always, Kylee xx 

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