Spirit Sparkplugs are "Encouragement Books" made to bring hope and encouragement in times of illness and hardship. The name came about as it is hoped that the books 'spark' hope, strength and courage within your spirit as you read over the words and let them minister to your heart. The books and made by 3 volunteers situated in different parts of the world who have joined with the vision. The books are individually hand crafted, 4"x 4" in size, 9 pages long and held together with a ribbon.  

Each book is personalized to the recipient, and contents may vary.  *please see the photos page for photo examples*

Included in each book is a mixture of scriptures, quotes, and verses but may choose whether you would like all quotes, scripture, etc. If there is a category you would prefer not to have included this is OK too, just let us know in your application.  Finally pages are decorated an finished off with stickers and embellishments. You are given the option of picking from our standard themes, but you are also welcome to ask for a particular theme (if available), and we may be able to accommodate!

Each book takes many hours work as each is made to order. We do not charge for them but we DO rely upon donations to help fund both the resources and postage for the books and other projects. We do our best. As long as we keep getting requests we will keep making them (funding dependant). Books may take 4-6 weeks to arrive once your application has been accepted. 


For starters, we will post internationally to anywhere in the world! There is no bounds to where you live....

Anyone can request the books to be made, for themselves or for others who fit the criteria below:
1. If you/or your recipient is suffering severe or chronic illness and/or is hospital/bed or house bound. 
2. A parent of a severely/chronically ill child who need a boost of support or encouragement. 

The Encouragement Books are intended for those 14+ years. Please visit the "What we have for Kids" page for those under 14.

There is an application form you must fill out (Application Form Here). If you have applied and been accepted for a book please allow up to 6 weeks for your book to arrive. Sometimes there is a backlog we need to work through but will will try and keep you updated. If you have not heard anything in 6+ weeks, please feel free to email me to see the status of your book. I will reply to applications as soon as I am able to let you know if you have been accepted and the approx waiting time.

Donations towards the making and posting the books to reduces personal costs. Please visit the "How You Can Help" tab.

Thank you!  

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