What are Spirit Sparkplugs Kids and Partners?

KIDS: Spirit Sparkplugs Kids was set up as another way for kids battling illnesses to receive more ongoing support and encouragement through their website from those who have partnered with Spirit Sparkplugs to "take on" a child.

PARTNERS: Spirit Sparkplugs Partners were developed as another way for people to to get involved with Spirit Sparkplugs and support a child on a more ongoing basis with guestbook messages on their websites with encouragement, support and hope!

How do I sign my child up to receive encouragement and support from a SS Partner?

To do this you will need to jump over to the "Application Forms Tab". You will need to fill out the 'Spirit Sparkplugs Kids Form' and submit it. From there I will contact you to let you know when you have been accepted and when I will be able to set you up with your SS Partner.

If I want to be become a Partner, how do I get involved?

If you would like to be a Spirit Sparkplugs Partner, please contact me by email HERE. There are requirements around being a Spirit Sparkplugs Partner which you will need to follow. You will need to be able to make a commitment to support the child on an ongoing basis. There is no cost financially, its simply encouragement and support via their websites.

How do I get a Spirit Sparkplugs Kid?

I have a list of kids who have applied that are waiting for Spirit Sparkplugs Partners. When you apply to be a Partner I will assign you a Spirit Sparkplugs Kid. If you have a child that you are following you would like to 'take on' through Spirit Sparkplugs, please just let me know. It needs to be documented and they need to know and accept that being involved with Spirit Sparkplugs is something they would like to do. Please don't offer the child's family to start following them under Spirit Sparkplugs without letting me first know.

What does it mean to be a Partner, what is required and what do I need to know?

Spirit Sparkplugs Partners support a child via their websites that are updated on a regular basis. The requirements give consistency for all Partners and the Kids receiveing support and encouragement.

The requirements below are as follows.

1. You must follow the childs journey by committing to read their journal updates.

2. You must commit to sign their guestbook at least once a week, or when the journal is updated if less than that.

3. You MUST use the official Spirit Sparkplugs Partners sign off which will be given when you are given your child. This sign off must not be changed in any way, you may not omit part of it or change the lay out. It is a signature that is used for all Partners.

4. You must let me know if you are unable to maintain your committment, no questions will be asked. Children/families rely on your support and if you were to suddenly stop signing without letting me know, I am unable to give the child a new partner. This also reflects badly on Spirit Sparkplugs when signing is ceased and I am not made aware soon enough. 

5. Occasional letter writing is encouraged. Kids love to receive mail in the post. Some partners choose to send packages and parcels which is perfectly acceptable but not compulsory. I do ask that if you do send parcels you let me know so I can keep a track of what is sent through Spirit Sparkplugs and give you credit in the "Updates and News Blog" here on the website.

6. Please don't sign other guestbook's you follow with the 'Spirit Sparkplugs Partners' sign off except the specific kid/s that you have been Partnered with. 

If you have any questions feel free to email me. Thank you for looking into joining with Spirit Sparkplugs to help make a difference in the lives of these kids and families who are all facing battles. I know they are so gratefully thankful.

Here are some photos of a few of our current precious Spirit Sparkplugs Kids. To view their sites, visit our Facebook fan page.


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