This site is run on personal funds and kind donations. Any money donated is used for Spirit Sparkplugs packages, books and postage. No cost goes towards time put into them. I have set up a paypal account and you can chose to "Sponsor a Project" from the prices outlined below or donate your chosen amount, if you are in New Zealand direct bank details are also provided. Your donations and support will allow other deserving children/teens and adults to continue to benefit from the work of Spirit Sparkplugs. We gratefully accept donations of crafting supplies/materials, toys, gifts, confectionery items and anything that could be included in packages.  All donations and support of any kind will be acknowledged in the "Thank You Blog" gratefully. 

For donations of materials please contact me by email HERE. 


There is a direct link to the Spirit Sparkplugs paypal account below.

If you are in New Zealand the bank account details are as follows:


Account Name: Spirit Sparkplugs

Account Number: 03-0430-0458660-001

The other option is to contact me on email HERE 


For non-financial ways to get involved please see the "How You Can Help" page.


All prices include project + postage costs. All costs are approximate as prices differ based on specifics included in that project as well as international postage to the different parts of the world. Whether a project comes in under or over cost, all will go into a specific Spirit Sparkplugs account. Your sponsorship will be acknowledged by sharing with you general details (age, diagnosis and State/Country) of the person who was blessed by your generosity as well as acknowledgement in the blog. You may choose to remain anonymous, if this would be your wish please let me know.

Encouragement Books: $10.60 US   ($15.00 NZ)               

Includes "Encouragement Book", homemade card and postage.

Letter Writing: $2.20 US   ($4.00 NZ)

Includes letter with stickers.

Care Packages:  Range from: $24.70US ($35.00 NZ)  to $35.50US ($50.00 NZ)

Each package is different and tailored to the child or family and will include a different range of NZ candies/chocolates and some NZ souvenirs. Each package will also have other items which could include small books, clips, necklaces, small toys, candles, dress up items, or some other small gift unique for that child.

Care Envelopes: $5.60US   ($8.00 NZ)

Includes homemade (or special brought) card and an item. 

Flat Kiwi Adventures: $21.20US   ($30.00 NZ)

Flat Kiwi Adventure Projects are made in a special 'natural look' scrapbook (4"x7") with photos, stickers and embellishments. Each project includes NZ sweets and an item upon completion. Any leftover photos not included in the scrapbook will be posted along with the 'flat person' and items back to the child.

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