I am a 25 year old girl who has set out to try and make a difference for people facing a wide range of illnesses and challenging life circumstances through this 'not-for-profit' website. Spirit Sparkplugs was set up out of my own severe chronic illness. To learn more about its history and where it started, please visit the History page. The website contains a wide variety of "projects" for children, young adults and parents of children with illness, from the encouragement books, to letters and cards, packages and keep sakes. My prayer is that through this website you would find blessing and hope through out the pages.

This ministry is self funded with products, time, money and some kind donations. I will never charge for the item requested but do accept and appreciate donations (please see "Sponsor a Project") to help continue the ministry to further bless others. Without these it is hard to maintain. At times there will be delays between applying and receiving but know I attempt to do my best, this website does not have a team of people behind it, there is one girl and her helper with donations from others.

I am excited to see people keen to jump on board to help with cards, and another special lady who has joined with me to help create the "Encouragement Books". Each book takes about three to six hours total, the "Flat Kiwi Adventures Projects" are a combined effort of many people (including the applying family) over about two to three months. The packages and keepsakes contents, is based solely upon circumstances and the resources and time I have available at the time to fund these. 

I am always looking for people who would like to get involved, help, or support Spirit Sparkplugs' endeavors. There are many different ways you are able to do this, so if this is something that interests you, please do visit our "How You Can Help" tab.

Thank you for coming to visit my site, may you be blessed. Please visit the links page to see many other neat websites too.

Many Kind Blessings, 

Kylee Black, Founder of Spirit Sparkplugs.

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